Personal International Transfers, with ease

A personal currency account with Swiftfox gives you access to an expert FX trader. They’ll help you to buy and sell currencies to ensure that you save both time and money when exchanging, sending, or receiving currency internationally.

One account, multiple currencies. Everything you need for international banking, including a swift code, unique IBAN, and more.

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Luxury Items

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Regular Payments

Receiving foreign
salary payments

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International payments, made easy.

Whether purchasing a property abroad or buying high-value assets, we ensure that your overseas payments are processed quickly, reliably, and securely.

Why Swiftfox?

Regular Payments

Bank Beating Rates

Our business customers save money when converting currency with a SwiftFox account compared to conversion rates used by other currency exchange services and high street banks

Regular Payments

Fast & Secure Payments

Currency Cloud Limited offer international payments to over 180 countries.

Regular Payments

Customer Service Focused

SwiftFox is a customer service first trading platform, with support and insights available to you seven days a week.

Regular Payments

International Payments Platform

All the tools you need for sending and receiving international payments.

Regular Payments


The mid-market rate is always visible, allowing you to see how competitive our rates are, which can be seen on our ‘Live FX’ webpage.

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Your Swiftfox currency account

A Swift Fox currency account allows you to quickly and securely convert from 37 different currencies.

An account provides you with a unique International Bank Account Number (IBAN), allowing you to send and receive payments seamlessly across borders.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

No Payment Fees

No Payment Fees

Account Managers

Dedicated Acc. Managers


Fast & Easy Int. Payments


Pre-Saved Beneficiaries

Trade Status

Trade Status & History

Other products we offer

Spot contracts

Our Spot Contracts allow you to exchange currency instantly. You’ll receive a competitive exchange rate at the time of purchase with a same-day settlement.

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Forward Contracts

With a Forward Contract, we agree upon an exchange rate that remains fixed for up to one year. We can give you confidence by agreeing to a rate with us in advance, so you know exactly what you’re future spending will be so that you don’t get caught out by unexpected changes in exchange rates.

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